Winter: the honeymoon period

The first big snow of the year decided to come this past weekend. We got 1.5 feet over 3 days!

Where did the street go?

I grew up in the Lower Mainland, where snow is such a rarity that an inch or two is enough to shut down the road and transit infrastructure. Snow tires are unheard of and winter clothes are for ski trips. Here in Prince George, snow tires go on and winter clothes come out of the closet around mid-October, and there they remain until April or May.

This is my fourth winter here and, while the snow and I aren’t exactly friends, I’m not as scared of it as I used to be. In fact, I can even admit that it’s downright gorgeous, at least for the first couple of weeks. It does tend to get a bit old when it decides to hang around until April and the road by the house doesn’t become bare until May, but we’re currently in the honeymoon period and I’m willing to enjoy it for a little while.

So long back yard, see you in May!

I could go into my big list of winter-related annoyances, but today I think I’ll just try to enjoy the snow. The sun is out today, meaning that it’s incredibly crisp and bright outside. When the little guy gets up from his nap we’ll go frisk in the snow for a while, and in the meantime I’m warm and comfortable inside with the delicious smell of slow cooker butter chicken filling the house.

Just don’t ask me how I feel about the snow in April.

Charms galore!

I absolutely adore creating charms. I discovered these blank bases a few years ago that were just begging for some miniature art, and I’ve been making them on and off ever since.

Teeny tiny charm fun!

Most of the charms I make are 1/2″ or 1″, which makes for a pretty small work area! It’s a wonderful challenge trying to fit what I want into such a small space and I absolutely love making them. All of the charms that I make are drawn from scratch, no prints or reused templates.

I finally updated the charm gallery on my site, and have been uploading charms to my Etsy shop. Interested in a completely custom charm? Me too, those are a lot of fun!

To celebrate the joy of charms, use the coupon code YAYCHARMS at checkout before the end of the year to get 10% off your order!

New art – Herbivorous Dracosaur

I’m still working on the site gallery, so in the meantime I’ll be posting some new-old art in the blog part of the site! In the future I’ll be posting all new art here as well as in the gallery.

In preparation for VCon I started working on a series of dinosaurs based on fantasy creatures. Here we have the Herbivorous Dracosaur!

Herbivorous Dracosaur

A Herbivorous Dracosaur taking a stroll along the beach.

Colored pencil and marker.

A little introduction

I guess it’s time I finally start doing this ‘blogging’ thing! I’ve had a LiveJournal account for years but that’s just a lot of boring personal blather that I keep under wraps.

Well, I’m Lindsay, and I love to draw! I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, starting with little ‘comic books’ from kindergarten about unicorns and pegasi. I also love to cook, pretend to exercise at the gym, read, and play with my son, Baby Sushi.

At the moment I’m getting ready for VCon, Vancouver’s resident sci-fi/fantasy convention. Unfortunately I’m also suffering from morning sickness, so this has been a more difficult struggle than usual. That’s right, Baby Sushi Mark II will be arriving in April! We’re very excited, although I’m a little apprehensive about life with two little ones. We’ll figure it out, I’m sure, but my guess is that I won’t be making a lot of new art for a while!

Anyway, if you’re in the Vancouver area this weekend, come swing by VCon and take a look at what I’ve got in the art show!