My name is Lindsay and I live in the middle of BC with my husband and our young son. The little guy made his debut in October 2010 and I’m still getting used to the whole ‘being a mother’ thing.

Art is my passion – I love to create and share my work! Most of what I do is cartoony and cute, fun for folks of all ages. Fantasy critters, from dragons to kirins to made-up species, are still my favorite subject. Over the years I’ve tended to work in smaller and smaller formats, although I am trying to work on larger stuff as well. I really like to pack as much as I can into a small space and see how much detail I can fit in without the whole becoming messy or cluttered.

When I’m not drawing, I enjoy spending time with my little family, cooking, and complaining about the snow (November through April May). I’m a fairly new jogger and recently completed Couch to 5k!