These are some of my current art-related projects.

Part art project and part collaborative role playing game, Samanayrs are a virtual pet project that I’ve worked on off and on for the past 11 years. The Samanayrs themselves are small equines with a variety of species and traits that can come in a variety of colors and patterns. There’s well over 1000 individuals now, each one hand-drawn and completely unique. Samanayrs can be bred, raced, accessorized, role played, and more, all on the Samanayr site and forum. Given that all Samanayrs are hand-drawn, the pace of the game can be fairly slow compared to other virtual pet games, but that just gives you a chance to get to know the awesome Samanayrs community even better!

For more information, check out the Samanayrs website and visit the forum!

CharmsA small cat charm
I first discovered these little charms back in 2009, tiny metal blanks that were just begging to have tiny images added to them. Since then I’ve created about 50 charms, and I’m still going! Each charm features a unique image hand-draw and -colored by me, a half-inch to one inch in diameter and sealed securely into the base. Some day I’m hoping to get more organized and do sets and series of particular subjects, but as of right now there’s a bunch of different subjects, everything from pudgy fantasy critters to food to fetuses.

You can see more examples in the charm gallery, and check out the commissions page if you’re interested in a custom charm of your own!